Student Pilot Goes Viral After Sharing His Inspiring Story on TikTok

A student pilot goes viral and earns praises online after sharing his inspiring story through a viral video on TikTok.

A young man named Ronnie Louis Manliguez dreamed of becoming a pilot someday ever since he was a little boy. He enrolled at the Indian Aerospace University in Cebu to pursue his longtime dream.

Initially, Manliguez feels happy after taking one step to reach his goal but his family experienced a financial problem. His parents could not afford his simulator training worth P4, 000 per hour.

Student Pilot

Ronnie’s siblings worked together to pay his tuition amounting to P40, 000 per year since their parents are both retired. The young guy’s siblings also worked hard to pay for his flight training, which could reach up to P3 million.

Manliguez experienced hardships and difficulties thinking about the school expenses but the problems did not stop him to do his best to reach his dreams. He even created a make-shift simulator using an electric fan and hanger together with his mobile phone in 2019.

In 2022, the aspiring pilot can already drive an actual aircraft. He created the video to encourage and inspire his fellow students experiencing the same situation.

Student Pilot

“I made this video because I couldn’t contain my happiness that I was able to reach this stage of my student pilot life, with all the challenges that I encountered since the day that I enrolled in this field, people around me thought I wouldn’t be able to endure it all and then I might end up dropping this course,” Manliguez said.

He also expressed his gratefulness to his parents and siblings for supporting him.

The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

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