Types Of Media – Print, Broadcast, and New Media (Brief Discussion)

Here’s a brief explanation of the different types of media that you probably don’t know yet.

TYPES OF MEDIA – Media has three different types and here’s a brief discussion of each type – print, broadcast, and new media.

Media is a channel or means to deliver an advertising message to a targeted audience. The different types of media provide the audience with important information and knowledge. And ever since, it has always been a part of society.

And through the years, people were able to come up with various forms and modes to provide people with the news and latest trends they need to know.

Types Of Media

Media has three main categories – Print Media, Broadcasting Media, and New Media.

This includes books, newsletters, magazines, journals, and other printed materials. During the 80s and 90s, these printed materials are the sole source of information and entertainment for the people. Newspapers have stories about sports, politics, technology, science, local news, national news, international news, birth notices, and entertainment news while magazines offer profound stories about finance, food, lifestyle, fashion, sports, and many others.

This includes television, radio, and movies. The contents are either in videos, audio, or written form. Television, nowadays, contains a lot of channels now where each is focused on different types of content like news, drama, movies, sports, animation, nature, travel, politics, cartoon, and religion. Radio, meanwhile, is used to share entertaining, informative, and educative content with the public.

At present times, the new media relies on the internet. People can now easily access any information they want about certain things through the internet. There are websites that can deliver messages or information via video, text, and audio. This includes social networks (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, and others), online forums, and podcasts.


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