Catholic Church Gives Advice for Voters this Elections 2022

Catholic Church Speaks on Voting this Upcoming 2022 Elections

CATHOLIC CHURCH – A Solidarity Mass for the Moral Vote was held and the Church gave a piece of advice for the voters this Elections 2022.

This May 2022, both local and national elections are set to be held. There are 10 candidates running for president in the upcoming poll. Both local and national candidates are busy touring around different cities and provinces now amid the campaign period.

The bets are in the pursuit to be able to campaign to as many people as they can before the campaign period is over. Several political groups, professional groups, celebrities, and private individuals have spoken about their support for their chosen bets.

Some religious groups and leaders are also vocal about the candidates they will support in the upcoming Elections 2022. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has previously clarified that the Church can speak on matters about truth.

Catholic Church

Recently, the Catholic Church held a Solidarity Mass for the Moral Vote in Baclaran Church, Manila. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, during the said mass, the Church gave a piece of advice for the voters in voting for this Elections 2022.

Bishop Pablo Virgilio David advised voters to vote for a candidate who will uphold democracy, straighten corruption, respect women, and fight for the Philippine territories. He also stressed another piece of advice that the Filipino voters must vote for someone who will continue to uphold the true spirit of EDSA People Power and will also uphold the welfare of everyone most especially those in the marginalized sector.

The Catholic Church bishop reminded the public to vote based on conscience and with an open mind. Many devotees who attended the Solidarity Mass for the Moral Vote agree with the qualifications mentioned by the bishop.

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