Migz Zubiri Reacts To His Father’s Viral Video w/ Bongbong Marcos

Migz Zubiri explained what happened during UniTeam’s sortie in Bukidnon

Senator Migz Zubiri reacted to the viral video of his father Bukidnon Governor Joe Zubiri with UniTeam’s presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos.

The said video caught the attention of the online community because BBM was accused of ignoring the Governor during a campaign event. Gov. Zubiri was trying to reach Marcos’s hand with his intention to gesture like the presidential candidate was endorsing him.

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However, BBM appeared to be avoiding reaching the hand of the Governor and this garnered negative comments from netizens as they said that the presidential candidate was disrespectful. Some said that it was an obvious humiliation on the part of the Bukidnon governor.

On the other hand, supporters of BBM defended him from negative comments. There were those who cited the previous statement of Chavit Singson, who is part of Marcos’s campaign, who said that there are local candidates who are running for the same position and are both endorsing BBM. With this, Marcos is advised not to endorse either one of them.

Based on the report from News5, Sen. Migz Zubiri, the son of Gov. Joe Zubiri and one of the senatorial candidates of UniTeam, gave his reaction. The Senator said that it was just a simple miscommunication.

Migz Zubiri

Sen. Zubiri said that BBM was supposed to wave the flag and then raise the hand of the local parties and this is what the presidential aspirant did. The lawmaker added that critics of Marcos were just trying to put malice on the video that went viral.

Obviously, there is a malicious intent to create intrigue by only showing that particular portion of the video and omitting totally the second portion of that sequence of events,” Sen. Migz Zubiri said.

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