Pinoy Seaman Lost Over P2 Million to Online Sabong

Pinoy Seaman Lost Over P2 Million to Online Sabong

A Pinoy seaman identified as alias “CJ” reportedly lost over P2 million to online sabong and expressed his regret for what he has done.

The 26-year-old seafarer expressed his regret for playing e-sabong wherein he lost his properties, car and hard-earned cash worth P2 million. He continue to play despite working abroad because e-sabong is way convenient rather than traditional sabong.

CJ said that he and his fellow seafarers were also playing e-sabong. Unfortunately, the latter got addicted to ‘talpakan’ and even spent his monthly salary as well as selling the vehicle given to him by his mom as a gift.

Pinoy Seaman

The disappointed seaman also revealed that his wife left him because of his addiction to gambling. The latter’s child is sick but he could not even provide for its treatment and medication after losing all his cash to gambling.

“Ang hirap naman po na makikita mo ang anak mo na ganoon at wala kang maibigay. Wala ka man lang maipangbili ng gatas o vitamins, gamot sa kaniya. Pero ‘yung pagtatalpak mo ang lalaki-laki mong magpatalo,” CJ said.

The seafarer also admitted that he even reached the point of having no food to eat and he was evicted from his dorm for failing to pay the rent. He even asked the government to shutdown e-sabong operation in the country.

“Ipatigil na talaga iyang online sabong o kaya ibalik na ‘yung dati na parang sa isang area na lang puwedeng tumaya. Para siyang drugs na maya’t maya hahanapin mo kapag meron ka,” CJ added.

However, acting Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Martin Andanar said that President Duterte decided to allow e-sabong operations because it has a large contribution to the government’s funds.

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Pinoy Seaman

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