Bea Alonzo Shares What She Feared When She Turned 30

Here are the things Bea Alonzo feared when she turned 30 years old.

BEA ALONZO – 34-year-old Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo gets honest about what she feared the most when she reached her 30s.

Last October 2017, Bea Alonzo turned 30 years old – officially stepping into the third decade of her life. As an actress, she is undeniably one of the best and one of the most accomplished in our country. But for someone who is as successful as her, she actually feared something and her fear is relative when she turned 30 years.

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During a press conference for a new endorsement, Alonzo shared that when she reached her 30s, she feared that a limitation might be set when it comes to roles that she can do. Having limitations to roles she can play means there will also be limitations to projects that she can do. In their industry, everyone is replaceable as there are a lot of rising and young stars who actually have the potential.

She also feared the expectation of people that when someone turns 30, he or she must be married or settled down already. Such a thought is a common standard in our society.

And the good thing about it is that her fears years ago meant nothing and it did not happen. She admitted based on a report from PEP, “Parang iniisip ko, ‘Anong gagawin ko, thirties na ako?’ Tapos na rin ako sa iba kong mga pangarap. But then, when I finally turned 30, parang iba pala yung buhay.”

She shared that during her 30s, she was welcomed with a lot of new things and possibilities like being comfortable in her own skin and being able to talk about her weaknesses without any hesitations. When she turned 30, she felt like she can freely say what was in her heart, being less filtered about some things, and she never thought she would enjoy her 30s like how she is enjoying it now.


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