Diego Loyzaga’s Response to Barbie Imperial’s ‘Ako Nga Pala Yung Sinayang Mo’

Here’s Diego Loyzaga’s Response to Barbie Imperial’s ‘Ako Nga Pala Yung Sinayang Mo’ Comment

DIEGO LOYZAGA – Check out Diego Loyzaga’s response to Barbie Imperial’s ‘ako nga pala yung sinayang mo’ comment.

Diego Loyzaga is the son of veteran actors Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga. He used to be in a relationship with actress Barbie Imperial.

The 23-year-old actress confirmed in an interview that they have broken up. She said that the decision to part was mutual. However, she did not disclose the cause of the breakup.

Photo Source: @diegoloyzaga IG

Earlier this March, Diego Loyzaga and Barbie Imperial were spotted together dining in a restaurant in Pasig City. Netizens wondered if the two are making plans to reconcile.

The actor immediately dismissed the rumors he got back together with Barbie. He said he and Barbie are just “friends in talking terms.” He said that he’s aware that not all people will believe that they remained friends with each other. “Although I’m sure a lot of people have stories that would say otherwise, even close friends of ours, wala namang ibang nakakaalam kundi kaming dalawa lang, e,” he said.

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Photo Source: @msbarbieimperial IG

Recently, Barbie Imperial created a buzz on social media after she showed off her new red hair color. In the comment section, Diego Loyzaga commented: “Poison Ivy?”

The hunk actor was referring to the fictional character from the DC Universe known as Poison Ivy. Barbie then replied to his comment by telling him: “ako nga pala yung sinayang mo HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

After seeing the comment of her ex, Diego posted a cryptic reply: “@msbarbieimperial r u suuuuure? (thinking face emoji).”

Photo Source: @msbarbieimperial IG

The online community reacted to Barbie and Diego’s playful banter on IG. Here are some of their comments from the post:

Photo Source: @msbarbieimperial IG

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