Ana Jalandoni Breaks Silence, Shares Heartbreaking Posts & Photo

After the incident, Ana Jalandoni finally breaks her silence and this is what she said in a Facebook post.

ANA JALANDONI – Social media personality Ana Jalandoni shares her first post after being rescued in a hotel with Kit Thompson.

Allegedly detained and injured by Kit Thompson, famous personality Ana Jalandoni was rescued from receiving any further injuries. She was hurt and people online couldn’t imagine the emotional turmoil her experience with the man would bring her.

kit thompson ana jalandoni

What Kit did, as for many people, is unforgivable and unjustifiable. No matter what his reasons could be behind his violent actions will accordingly be not enough reason to hurt a woman. What he did was greatly condemned by many people online.

According to authorities, they checked in on Thursday night and both of them were drunk. The authorities are now closely coordinating with the hotel management for the case’s investigation. The actor was arrested while Ana was treated. She was brought to the emergency room.

And now, hours after the report erupted online, Ana made her first post online. She expressed hurt for what happened to them and asked if there was really between them.

On Facebook, Ana posted before and after incident photos of her and the caption of the post says:

When you love someone you will never ever harm them.
Minahal mo ba talaga?
This is me saying, you all should be careful out there. I can’t reply to all of you right now but thank you for checking up on me.
I will release a statement soon.

Ana Jalandoni

Ana and Kit became open about their relationship last December. What happened to them became a trending topic online and the hearts of the people go out to her, a victim of physical abuse.


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