Mother in Pasig Sold 8-month-old Child to Finance Self for Online Sabong

Mother in Pasig City Sold Own Child After Being Addicted to Online Sabong

A mother in Pasig City seeks help to reclaim her child after she sold it to finance her addiction to online sabong or cockfighting.

According to a Pasig News Today article, a woman in Nagpayong, Pinagbuhatan Pasig City, feels remorseful for what she has done to her 8-month-old child as a result of her addiction. The mother is now seeking assistance in recovering her kid, who she sold to a stranger because she is in debt due to her gambling addiction.

Pasig Mother Online Sabong

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According to the report, she sold her child to the Facebook group Bahay Ampunan for P45,000 on March 3, 2022. Because of her stress and debt, the mother stated that she was forced to sell her own child online.

She contacted the potential buyer and they signed a contract and allegedly met in Quezon City. However, she changed her mind and re-contacted the adoptee with their kid, but she was already blocked after seeing the message.

The father, on the other hand, claims he was unaware that their youngest kid had been sold. He stated that he has no doubt that his wife will meet a friend with the eldest and youngest sons.

When his wife returned home, he was surprised to see that she had only brought his eldest kid with her. Apart from that, he noticed that his wife had money and a new mobile phone.

When the father confronted his wife, she confessed to selling their youngest kid. The man bolted from their home and sought assistance from his aunt. They approached the UZI program, expressing their deep regret and requesting that their kid be retrieved and ready to refund the money.

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