Nadia Montenegro Furious at Supermarket where her Mom’s Wallet Got Stolen

Actress Nadia Montenegro Posts Update on Robbery Incident Involving Mom

NADIA MONTENEGRO – The actress is furious at the supermarket where her mother’s wallet got stolen by several suspects.

Among the rampant incidents in the Philippines are acts of robbery. It usually happens in public places while there are also those that took place at the wee hours of the day inside public transportation vehicles. Unfortunately, there are also incidents of theft inside enclosed and guarded areas like malls and supermarkets.

One of the recent incidents took place in a members-only supermarket in Quezon City. The victim is the mother of actress Nadia Montenegro.

Nadia Montenegro

According to Nadia, her mother was with her sister, Tanya, when they went to the member-only supermarket establishment in Quezon City. She just got her retirement benefits then and was there to shop.

However, the mother and sister of Nadia found out that her wallet was stolen. They called the actress to inform her about it. She told them to stay put in the supermarket. It was reported to the police authorities.

Nadia Montenegro came to the supermarket where her mother’s wallet was stolen. She asked for the CCTV footage and it was found out that there were several suspects that seemingly lodged their motive to steal the wallet.

According to the actress, the suspects distracted her mother and sister by surrounding them and pretending to be asking a question about a product. They were able to take her wallet away in a very little time.

Recently, Nadia Montenegro gave an update on the robbery incident involving her mother. Based on her social media post, she’s furious at the supermarket as there are allegedly several instances of robbery inside it but the concerns of the members are not given attention.

Nadia also claimed that it is hard to get information from the supermarket’s management. According to her, a lot of people reached out to her and claimed that they were also victimized by the same incident before. However, the actress is allegedly the first person to have brought the police authorities inside the supermarket for an investigation. Here’s her Instagram post:

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