Maggie Wilson Not Allowed To See Her Son’s Birthday Photos: ‘Here we go again’

Maggie Wilson is frustrated at what happened after her son’s birthday

Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson revealed through her Instagram Stories that she was not allowed to see the birthday photos of her son Connor.

This issue is rooted in the fact that Maggie and businessman Victor Consunji are no longer together. Back in September last year, their separation was confirmed and issues between them surfaced.

maggie wilson

During the holiday season, Maggie shared on social media that she was supposed to spend Christmas with her son but she was not allowed to see him. On February 28, Connor turned 10 and Maggie shared her message for her son.

For the birthday celebration of their son, Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji reunited. Photos of them together circulated online. However, after the celebration, the former beauty queen felt frustrated.

On her Instagram Stories, she shared the reason for the frustration that she felt as a mother. “Ok… Here we go again!” she wrote.

maggie wilson

Then, she shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with a photography company. Maggie chose not to reveal some parts of the conversation. She asked the company to send her photos that were taken during her son’s birthday party.

The initial reply of the company was positive. However, the next message from the company stated that Maggie is now being prohibited to see the photos of her son and she needed to ask permission first.

Because of this, the former beauty queen aired her dismay. She said that she has to deal with this kind of situation behind the “nice and peachy” façade.

“Another day. You might think everything is nice and peachy on the outside but this is what I have to deal with and have been dealing with on the inside for far too long now. Control,” Maggie Wilson said.

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