Kind-Hearted Vlogger Helps Young “Gabi” Vendors & Give Them Cash

Kind-Hearted Vlogger Earns Praises Online For Helping Young “Gabi” Vendors

A kind-hearted vlogger helped and give cash to two young vendors selling “Gabi” just to earn money to feed family.

Nowadays, poverty has been one of the major problems not only in the country but also in various regions all across the world. It causes a negative effect to the people resulting to hunger and starvation.

Some of our countrymen were engaging in various livelihood gimmicks just to earn money and provide the necessities of their family especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Even young kids are already helping their parents just to earn money.

Kind-Hearted Vlogger

The Facebook page “Denso Tambyahero” has shared the video footage of two young kids selling vegetables along the road just to earn money. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, the motovlogger saw the two kids riding a bicycle while carrying vegetables called ‘Taro’ or locally known as ‘Gabi’. The children explained that they were selling vegetables to buy rice.

The two kids identified as Bacchus and Marilyn is roaming around the streets to sell “Gabi”. The vlogger apprehended them and talked to them. Denso asked several questions regarding their age and family situation.

Denso decided to buy all vegetable products worth P125 from the kids to help them. He gave them a total amount of P4, 000, which was divided. P2, 000 for Bacchus and another P2, 000 for Marilyn.

Kind-Hearted Vlogger

The two teens happily leave and return to their home with a smile on their face.

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