Laundry Shop Raging Woman “Kimberly” Gives Advice to Bashers

Viral Raging Woman at Laundry Shop “Kimberly” Slams Bashers Criticizing Her

Kimberly Guarnes Vailoces who went viral on social media for raging at the laundry shop and cursing its staff reacts to bashers.

Kimberly recently became famous on social media and received backlash from the internet community for a harsh deed captured on tape. Kimberly was observed yelling and screaming at the personnel at the washing business for no apparent reason.

Kimberly Laundry Shop Raging

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Kimberly went to the laundry shop in a pleasant mood, even talking to the workers, based on the previous post of the laundry shop staff. She was away for a time and promised to return. When she returned, though, she became upset and began to shout at them.

As a result, the laundry business employees decided to sue Raffy Tulfo’s program. The workers described what transpired on February 13 when the claimed disrespectful behavior of the customer occurred.

The consumer who complained did not speak, but Raffy Tulfo in Action’s staff apparently did. She apparently claimed that she had been ridiculed and laughed at because she was capable of living.

The employees flatly disputed this, claiming that they were laughing because they were viewing a movie. Kimberly also left a note for her detractors. Instead of slamming her, she claims they should have been charged with obtaining work, learning, and thinking about how to improve their lives.

According to Attorney Sam, despite their best efforts to get the two parties together, the complainant refused to speak. They made it clear that they would aid in the launching of a lawsuit against Kimberly.

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