Charlson Ong Famous Works – Some Famous Works Of The Fictionist

Here are some of the famous works of Charlson Ong, a famous fiction writer.

CHARLSON ONG FAMOUS WORKS – Pinoy fictionist Charlson Ong wrote these stories which some are award-winning.

A fictionist, scriptwriter, and singer is Charlson Ong. He has award-winning pieces that made significant marks in the local lite[rature. He is teaching literature and creative writing at the University of The Philippines’ Department of English and Comparative Literature.

And when it comes to his novels, his trademark is being unpredictable.

Charlson Ong Famous Works

Check out some of his famous works and the awards gained:

  • Palanca Award for the “Men of the East” (Short Story, 1985)
  • Palanca Award for the “Another Country” (Short Story, 1987)
  • Palanca Award for the “Owl” (Short Story, 1989)\
  • Palanca Award for the “A Tropical Winter’s Tale” (Short Story, 1990)
  • Palanca Award for the “The Trouble in Beijing” (Short Story, 1992)
  • Philippine Free Press Literary Award for the “Fixing a flat” (Fiction, 1992)-
  • Philippine Free Press Literary Award for the “Conversion” (Fiction, 1992-1993)
  • Centennial Literary Prize for the “Embarrassment of Riches” (English Novel, 1998)
  • Dr. Jose P. Rizal Award for Excellence (Art, Literature and Culture, 2003)
  • Juan C. Laya Award for Best Novel in a Foreign Language, National Book Award for the “Banyaga: A Song of War” (2006)
  • Balagtas Award (English Fiction, 2007)

Meanwhile, here are some of his other works:

  • Blue Angel, White Shadow
  • Woman of Am-kaw
  • A Season of Ten Thousand Noses
  • Another country
  • Mismanagement Of Grief 
  • Rain
  • Love Me tender
  • The Execution 
  • Of That Other Country We Now Speak 

Men of the East and Other Stories (1990 and 1999), Woman of Am-Kaw and Other Stories(1993),  Conversion and Other Fictions (1996), Banyaga: A Song of War (2007, Anvil) and Blue Angel, White Shadow(2010, UST) are just some of the books published and each contains a collection of the short stories he wrote.


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