Delivery Rider Delivering Pet to Customer Elicits Comments

The video footage of a delivery rider traveling along the road to deliver the pet dog to his customer goes viral on social media.

Nowadays, delivery workers are doing their best to perform their jobs just to earn money. Some of them are accepting any item for delivery just to provide the financial necessities of their loved ones.

The Facebook page “VISOR” has shared the video footage of a delivery rider carrying a dog on his insulated box while heading to his customer’s location. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

Delivery Rider

In the video, a certain motorcycle rider notice a Lalamove rider carrying a dog on its insulated box. The concern motorist asked the rider regarding the dog. The delivery worker responded that his customer hired him to deliver the dog.

The motorist wanted to help the delivery guy but there’s nothing he can do to help him. After a few moments, the rider go on heading to his customer’s location.

The uploader identified as Ben Melocoton explained that the insulated bag was used to keep the order of customers. Insulated bag keeps hot items hot and cold items cold especially in food products.

Delivery Rider

Melocoton said that he understands that the delivery employee needs to earn money but the breeder should insulated bags were not meant for pets. He also cited that Lalamove does not allow pets to be delivered.

According to Lalamove, breathing or living things can’t be delivered. A person cannot ride a Lalamove vehicle and employees cannot deliver pets as well.

The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

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