Vaccination of Kids Aged 5-11 Postponed, Authorities Release Details

Update on Vaccination of Kids 5-11 Years Old

VACCINATION OF KIDS – The authorities released details as they postponed the start of the vaccination of children 5-11 years old.

The Philippines is still in a fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which is affecting almost everyone for more than two (2) years now. The virus has shaken healthcare systems across the globe and cost millions of lives.

In the Philippines, the country was under widespread strict community quarantine measures for more than a year before the alert level system which is based on the situation in a certain area was implemented. Several businesses were not able to cope with the demands of the pandemic and had no choice but to shut down.

Aside from the minimum public health protocols, the country is fighting the spread of the COVID-19 virus through vaccination. Different brands of vaccines were either procured or donated by other nations.

Vaccination of Kids
Photo by Patrick T. FALLON / AFP

The vaccination is now open to the public for the adult population. Several healthcare workers have already received their booster shots. The Philippines is in pursuit to achieve population protection.

The authorities have previously given the go signal for the vaccination of kids aged 5-11 years old. The Department of Health (DOH) previously expressed that there is an increase in the cases of children getting infected with the virus.

The makers of Pfizer have come up with a vaccine with a lower concentration for kids. Supposedly, the vaccination of kids aged 5-11 years old in the Philippines will start today, February 4. However, based on a report on ABS-CBN News, it will be postponed.

The authorities decided to postpone the vaccination of children due to the delay in the arrival of the Pfizer vaccines for kids. The logistics provider has informed the authorities in the Philippines that there will be a slight delay in the transport of the vaccines possibly due to aircraft problems. The authorities decided to move the start of the vaccination of children on February 7.

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