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What are the stages of a life cycle of a human? Check it out below!

LIFE CYCLE OF A HUMAN – These are the stages of how a person grows from the womb to being an adult until he reaches old age.

Life itself has various stages and what do you think is the most important stage? People have different answers to this but the truth is, every stage is important. Each stage is equally significant and necessary for humanity. In our life, our body goes through wonderful processes of changes and developments since conception.

Here are the stages of human life:

  1. Fetus
    Prebirth where is a lot of potential. A mother won’t know if she’s carrying the next Michelangelo or Shakespeare. This is also where a zygote turns into an embryo and then, eventually, into a fetus in preparation for childbirth.
  2. Infancy
    Birth happens after nine months. After nine months, a baby is born that signifies hope. Seeing a baby gives a sense that this new life can bring something to the world. The infancy starts from the period of birth through age one – the earliest part of childhood. They can breathe, suck, and swallow. And what they do when they’re hungry, in pain, or in any uncomfortable situation is cry.
  3. Childhood
    As time runs, the baby grows. And as he grows up, he learns how to crawl then slowly starts to walk, talk, run, jump, eat by itself, and identify things in its surroundings. He still then reaches such time where he can finally communicate properly, read and write, make friends and do many more childhood activities.
    Childhood is classified in three: toddlers (1-3 years), preschoolers (3-5 years) and primary school children (5-12 years).
  4. Adolescence
    The period where the grown child hits puberty. This period starts from 13 years up to 19 years of age and they are called the teenagers. During puberty, significant changes happen such as his body shape and growing of hair on some parts of the body. They are also likely to develop behaviour patterns and attitudes.
  5. Adulthood
    The stage that starts from 20 years to 65 years of age. He is called adult who is now capable of reproducing and make his own family, thus, life cyle continues. Adults are divided into young adults (20 – 36 years)middle-aged adults (36 – 55 years) and older adults (55 – 65 years).
  6. Old Person
    At this period, he will be called old or elderly person. The average life expectancy of a person is between 70 to 85 years old depending on his health condition. Some die before 70 while other live beyond 85.


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