Rona Samson Reacts to Body Shamers, Gives Advice: “Practice Kindness”

Rona Samson Gives Advice to Body Shamers Insulting People with Body Issues

RONA SAMSON – The wife of Eric “Eruption” Tai reacts to the body shamers insulting people with body issues and gives them some advice.

Rona Samson-Tai, wife of Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai, a Filipino-Tongan actor, athlete, TV personality, and model, has a message for body shamers. She was recently subjected to body shaming as a result of her husband’s Christmas message on social media, which included a photo of their family.

Rona Samson Body Shamers

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Some people chastised her appearance, while others recommended Eric to teach his wife how to be active and healthy. As a response, Eruption defended his wife, boldly proclaiming that she is a well-known model.

“She’s one of Philippine’s most sought-after plus-size models. Actually one of the best. You’ll see her on Avon, HnM, Cosmopolitan, SM & many more advertisements, prints and commercials,” Eric said in reponse to the basher.

Rona did the same and stood up for herself and her husband. She gently explains her reactions to the body shamers and bashers who have been attacking them on her husband’s latest Facebook post.

“Yes, feel free to ZOOM in. Know that you can body shame me all day long, but sweetheart, that don’t faze me!” she wrote.

Rona Samson Body Shamers

She also shared her feelings on body shaming and self-acceptance. She hung a poster promoting a well-known brand with the slogan “Let Her Be.”

“Practice kindness… kindness to yourself and kindness to others. Kindness to your body, it may not be at the best shape now, love it and help it get back on track. But NEVER hate it,” he added.

Many people greeted them, while many others remarked on his wife’s appearance. In a second piece, he stated that being overweight does not imply that you are unhealthy. Many people on the internet agreed with Eric and emphasized that body shaming is wrong.

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