Maguad Family Slams Anne Curtis Over Stance Not to Lower Criminal Age

Maguad Family Lashes Anne Curtis for Opposing to Lower Criminal Age

The grieving Maguad family criticized Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis for her stance opposing lowering the criminal age in the country.

The Maguad siblings’ parents chastised the actress for an Instagram post on her refusal to decrease the criminal age of responsibility. Anne, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, stated in her 2019 Instagram post that she opposes decreasing the criminal age of accountability to nine years old.

Maguad Family Anne Curtis

Instead, he advocates for the full application of current law RA 9344, or the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006, which establishes a minimum age of criminal culpability of 15 years. People should attempt to remember that they are still children and victims of circumstances, she noted in her post.

“Instead of being penalized, they should have access to proper rehabilitation – where they can be properly cared for to understand what they may have done wrong, learn to change their ways and be given a second chance at life,” she said.

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Lovella, the Maguad siblings’ mother, was not pleased with the actress’ statement. She emphasized that the actress is only familiar with the cute side of children and is unaware of their negative aspects.

“You don’t live in a real-world Ms. Anne. What you know is Children are as adorable and innocent as you’re daughter same as ours. You know nothing of the many instances/incidents how other children could be of the worst,” Lovella began.

“You are rich and exposed to a movie like character. Life isn’t a movie ..there’s no take two or three when you’re not able to do it right. You’ll understand what I am trying to figure out when you’re adorable n innocent daughter will be one of the victims of these instinctive criminals whom you called as children in conflict with the law. I’ll deal with you when I’ll be winning myself/sanity again,” she added.

In Anne Curtis’ piece, Father Cruz Maguad also spoke. Cruz begs the actress to visit them and look into what happened to their two children on her own.

“Imbis na tulungan mo kami, mukha atang pinapanigan mo pa ang kriminal? naging fans mo kami sa showtime, iilan kami sa nagpasikat ng programa ninyo sana naman this time damayan mo naman kami sa trahedyang ito sa aming buhay. patnubayan nawa kayo ng maykapal,” he added.

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  1. As early as 9 years old (in the late 70’s where most tv shows were still wholesome), I already have discernment about what is good and what is evil. At that age, I knew how rape is committed and how to handle a gun. Imagine how much more knowledge (and discernment for that matter) today’s youth have when there is easy access to the internet and bad shows.


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