Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Picache Reveal Past Love, Relationship

In an interview, celeb couple Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Picache reveals they have actually dated 20 years ago.

EDU MANZANO – Screen veterans Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Picache reveal that 20 years ago, they’ve had a relationship.

Cherry Pie Picache, 51, and Edu Manzano, 66, are officially in a relationship and they have confirmed this last November following the intriguing photos of them caught attention online. And for the first time together, they granted an interview about their relationship exclusively for the vlog of Luis Manzano.

Cherry Pie and Edu Manzano

And in the interview, they opened up something about themselves and their relationship. Accordingly, 20 years ago, they have dated already but it only lasted for almost a year. They were just quiet but they shared something special before. This is the first time that they admitted this to the public.

What they have now, as for them, is something that’s long overdue, and Cherry Pie even expressed this, “Hindi niya ako makalimutan.”

Although their romance happened 20 years ago, they knew that they never drifted apart. They remained friends and within those years, they still see each other during gatherings or certain occasions. Edu said this, “We always see each other sa iba’t ibang okasyon and sa iba’t ibang mga gatherings, and we would always be talking sincerely. We knew that we still like each other.”

Cherry Pie and Edu Manzano

For the dramatic actress, the actor was accordingly her “answered prayer”. She seconded what Edu said and revealed that in the middle of those years, every time they would see each other, they knew that there’s something – a certain bond between them only them knew. There’s always that “something” she could not pinpoint on her part as she would just often dismiss it.

They were also a case of a bad timing. Luis said clarifying their situation before they officially got back together, “Ito ba yung sinasabi mo na parang nagkakasalisihan kayo? Like, for example, when dad’s available, ikaw naman you had a partner?”

Watch the full interview below:


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