Hardworking Daughter Starts Small Donut Store To Fulfill Her mom’s Dream

DONUT BUSINESS – A hardworking daughter has started her own donut shop as a tribute and to honor her beloved mother.

A woman from Bacolod City named Amilyn David moved to Pampanga when she was still young. She grew up in Pampanga and finish her college studies there. Her parents are both self-employed and had their own business.

Amilyn’s late father started different companies such as distributor of popsicles but eventually ventured into a meat shop after Mount Pinatubo erupted. The family move to Batangas after the eruption.


David’s mom loved to bake pastries and usually spend her time baking. Her mom usually bakes bread and sold hamburgers in front of a school and had the desire to start a small business in the area.

Unfortunately, Amilyn’s father opposed her mom’s dream of opening a small business due to their growing family. Her mom did not get a chance to start a business but Amilyn did not forget its dream.

Eventually, the daughter graduated from college and worked in the human resources departments of prominent service companies. Sometimes, she can still make time to help mom with her baking sessions.


In 2016, David’s passion was shifter to donuts and her desire to start a bakery turned into reality after building a small store displaying different types of donuts in Dolores, Pampanga. She named the store Simply Donuts.

The woman came up with the name because one of her personality is being simple. The store becomes popular in town and start to make a name and was able to take a space at a mall in Pampanga.

Currently, Simply Donuts has expanded to six branches offering mouth-watering and various flavor of donuts.

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