Bank Robber Caught After Depositing Stolen Money At Bank He Robbed

Bank Robber Caught After Depositing His Stolen Money Into The Same Bank

BANK ROBBER CAUGHT – A bank robber was caught by authorities after depositing the stolen money into the same bank he robbed from.

Police from Delaware arrested a 44-year-old man identified as “McRoberts Williams” in California. Apparently, the man stole from the Wells Fargo Bank last Saturday Morning.

Official police reports said that the incident occurred on December 11, 2021, at around 11:20 a.m. Police were sent to the bank as a robbery was reported.

Bank Robber Caught After Depositing Stolen Money At Bank He Robbed

When authorities arrived on the scene, the witnesses said that the suspect approached a female bank teller behind the counter and handed her a note stating he was about to commit a robbery.

Fearing for her life, the teller gave the thief an undisclosed amount of money and the suspect fled on foot. However, he was quickly caught after he made a quick stop at an ATM deposit machine.

There, he was attempting to deposit his stolen cash in the atm machine outside of the bank. Williams continued to flee from the authorities but was eventually taken into custody after hiding behind a shopping center nearby.

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