PBB Brenda Mage To Alexa and Eian Sweet Moment: “Yeah. Kakasuka.”

Here’s the “patutsada” of PBB Brenda Mage over the sweet moment of Alexa and Eian.

PBB BRENDA MAGE – Alexa and Eian have a date inside the PBB house but Brenda Mage has this negative reaction to their sweet moment.

Two pairs inside the Pinoy Big Brother house were set up for a date spearheaded by the “Sissies” Alyssa Valdez and Samantha Bernardo. They’ve set up Madam Inutz and Jordan Andrews and Eian Rances and Alexa Ilacad. They served the pair water and food and they’ve had their moments in the pool area.

PBB Brenda Mage

As much as many people are aware, Alexa has always been the target of Brenda to criticize, especially her closeness and her special bond with his close friend Eian. And in their date where he had seen them dancing in their music, their bodies close, and also closely talking to each other, Brenda has expressed a bitter remark that caught the attention of the viewers. He even described them as “werewolves dancing” while he’s watching them dance from the house.

And when asked if he wants to dismiss the view as Samantha offered to cover it with curtains, he answered, “Yeah. Kakasuka.”

Brenda also expressed this to the sissies, “Ang daming negative na sinabi si Eian against Alexa, and Alexa ang daming sinabi… And then in just one click, nag ganoon sila. Oh my God, ang galing mag-switch. Congratulations! Dinaig ang Urian awards, ang MMFF.” 

Watch the video below:

Prior to this, Eian and Brenda also have alone time where they fixed their “tampuhan”. In the same conversation, they admitted that they are important to each other.

However, what Brenda is furious about is the mixed signals Eian was showing regarding his real feelings for Alexa. He said in the video, “Oscars ang aktingan! Grabe, gusto ko itanong kung saan sila nag-wo-workshop sa galing nila umarte.”


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