Pacquiao Announces Plans If He Loses Presidential Race In 2022

Senator Pacquiao Announces Plans If He Loses In 2022 Presidential Elections

PACQUIAO ANNOUNCES PLANS – If he loses in the 2022 national elections, will Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao return to boxing?

As the 2022 elections creep in, candidates such as Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo already made waves across the country. Meanwhile, other candidates have yet to campaign for themselves.

Among these candidates is Pacquiao who recently answered important questions regarding his career during an interview. According to Pacquiao, if he loses the 2022 elections, he doesn’t want to go back to boxing.

Pacquiao Announces Plans If He Loses Presidential Race In 2022

“Wala na po sa isipan ko pag-comeback sa boxing. Natapos ko na boxing career ko“, said Pacquiao. Instead, he wants to focus on his family as he already brought honor to the Philippines and make boxing history.

Amongst all the presidential aspirants, Pacquiao was the first to file his certificate of candidacy. Now, he runs under the Probinsya Muna Development Initiative (PROMDI).

Following this, the Senator answered if he’d back out of the race for the opposition. As a response, he said that only God could stop him from running for president.

Ang tanging makakapag back out sa akin kung may instruction ang Panginoon sa akin na wag akong tumuloy

Still, if he doesn’t win the presidential elections, Pacquiao still has a couple of things to keep him occupied. Along with focusing on family and kids, Pacquiao said that he’d also give time for his small business and his farm.

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