Jessy Mendiola Admits She’s More ‘Maarte’ Now That She’s Married

Why did Jessy Mendiola say that she’s more “maarte” now?

Actress Jessy Mendiola admitted that her personality of being more “maarte” was brought out by the fact that she is married now.

Jessy and her husband actor-host Luis Manzano exchanged “I dos” early this year. Now that they are living together, the actress said she is not as “maarte” before. During a recent interview for the beauty clinic that she is endorsing, Jessy talked about skincare.

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Based on the article in PUSH, the actress admitted that there are times that her skin also has not-so-perfect moments. “It’s normal so why would you feel bad when you have breakouts? Pag time of the month di ba yung mga babae and especially pag may mga hormonal period,” she shared.

Jessy Mendiola also said that in these kinds of situations, her skincare routine is very important. However, she is now exerting more effort in taking care of her skin after getting married to Luis Manzano.

Now, she is also giving more attention to fashion compared to the time when she was still single. “I never wore pink But now my bag is pink. I’m wearing pink. Parang nasabi ko, ‘Parang naging mas maarte ako (laughs).’ But I think it comes with maturity. I used to boyish kasi. I used to wear rubber shoes lang and there’s nothing bad dun di ba? I have nothing against it. Lagi lang ako naka-t-shirt at jeans. But then as you grow older nagkakaroon ng maturity,” the actress explained.

Aside from this change, she also learned to cook dishes that her husband requests. Jessy Mendiola shared that there was a time when she cooked beef Wellington for Luis Manzano and she had to call her chef friend because it was hard for her to do.

Fortunately, the actor-host loved that and he even requested his wife to cook that dish for him again.

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