BuCor Stresses No Foul Play Involved In Killer Cop Nuezca Death

NO FOUL PLAY – According to the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor), there was no foul play in the death of killer cop Jonel Nuezca.

Back in December 2020, Nuezca went viral on social media. The former was filmed shooting his neighbors, Sonya and Frank Gregorio. Because of this, the phrase “my father is a policeman” went viral.

Following this, authorities charged Nuezca of murder and was sentenced to prison for his crimes. However, almost a year into his sentence, Nuezca suddenly died of what doctors say was a heart attack.

No Foul Play In Nuezca Death, Says Bucor

Still, many are skeptical of his death. Among these people was Mark Gregorio, the son of Sonya who said that Nuezca, a former cop, has ways of getting out of prison.

But, according to BuCor, there couldn’t have been any foul play involved. Based on an article from ABS-CBN, BuCor spokesman Gabriel Chaclag said:

Doon po sa nagtatanong kung may foul play po ito, doon sa initial investigation po natin… talaga naman pong natural cause ang itinuturo ng kaniyang pagkamatay…

Wala naman pong nakitang kaaway. Wala pong suspicious na incidents before he was brought to the hospital at iyong initial po na medical examination, physical examination ng mga attending doctors, wala po silang nakitang signs of violence

Meanwhile, the BuCor said they are expecting to see Nuezca’s autopsy reports within this week. Throughout the pandemic, several high profile inmates in Bilbid had died. This includes Jaybee Sebastian who linked Senator Leila de Lima to a drug trade within BuCor.

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