Isko Moreno Wants to Invest Local Entertainment Industry if Elected as President

Presidential aspirant and Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno wants to invest in the local entertainment industry if he will be elected in 2022.

The Manila Mayor believes that the Philippines can boost its entertainment business by emulating South Korea’s model. Former actor Moreno believes the Philippine entertainment sector can go global if the government pays for it.

“If we can go on the same path where the Korean government spent so much money to develop their movie industry, I think we can do the same. It took them 20 years to introduce Korean culture through visual arts to the world, we can do it as well,” said the mayor.

Isko Entertainment Industry

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He also emphasized the importance of the entertainment business in South Korea, home to international Korean-pop groups BTS and Blackpink. According to Moreno, entertainment can assist the Philippines’ economy flourish.

“BTS alone gave $5-B to South Korean economy. So just imagine if we can do that same for our talents, artists to conquer the world, the entertainment world. Imagine it can help our economy grow,” said Moreno.

“If BTS can do it hopefully someday, somehow, we can do it too,” he added.

Domagoso, who was also a struggling artist, said this is his way of giving back to the business that helped him get out of poverty. ‘Yorme’ is a musical film about Domagoso’s transformation from a scavenger to an actor and then to a public servant via hard labor, dedication, and a constant concern for the welfare of the common people.

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