“Nak Nam Fu-Cha” Milk Tea Parody of Duterte Go Advertisement Caught Politicians’ Attention

President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Christopher “Bong” Go give free milk tea from “Nak Nam Fu-Cha” after their parody went viral.

Recently, a milk tea brand called “Nak Nam Fu-Cha” went viral on social media and received a variety of comments from the online community after creating a spoof of Sen. Bong Go’s and President Duterte’s political advertisements. To promote their business, the milk tea cafe shared an altered version of Go’s advertising on November 26.

Duterte Go Milk Tea

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These types of spoof videos don’t generally catch the attention of celebrities, but because of the power of social media and the fact that it went viral, the national chief and his long-time aide took note. Netizens were astounded because President Duterte’s voice-over sounded exactly like him.

“Pag magkasama tayo ako lagi ang taya, libre mo naman ako Bong,”Duterte’s voice said in the video.

Thousands of people have already reacted to the video, which has received millions of views. During a visit to shopping mall in Antipolo City, President Duterte and Go bought Nak Nam Fu-Cha to share with the locals.

Undersecretary Mon Cualoping posted a video of Go and Duterte handing people some of the now-famous milk tea. “Ako naman ang taya,” Go added, as if replying to a spoof of his commercial.

Duterte and Go’s activities have elicited a variety of comments from the internet. The alleged milk tea store has yet to issue an official statement regarding the President’s and Senator’s enthusiastic reactions to their parody.

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