Viral Joyride Rider Forcing Female Passenger to Go in a Hotel Arrested

Joyride Rider Forcing Female Passenger to Go in a Hotel With Him Arrested

Authorities arrested the Joyride rider who went viral on social media after forcing a female passenger to check-in in a hotel with him.

The female passenger of the motorcycle taxi Joyride files complaint against their rider due to harassment. The female passenger recently shared video footage of a Joyride rider inviting her to check-in in a hotel while she was being delivered to her destination.

Joyride Rider Arrested

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The lady, who appears to be annoyed by his offer, giggles, and declines. However, the Joyride driver continues to suggest that the passenger should go with him to the hotel for only 1 hour or 30 minutes.

Even though the lady passenger pretended to be well, she refused and urged the driver to just drop her off because her departure was already near. However, the rider went on to remark that he should have invited the passenger when she was still a long way away.

The passenger, who appears to be terrified, sits quietly and continues filming until she reaches her destination. She went straight to the barangay after she has been drop-off and reported the harassment incident.

The Joyride rider was captured and taken to the barangay as a result. The rider was confronted for his nefarious motive, and he was forced to admit his lewdness action.

The rider allegedly groped the victim while driving, in addition to being asked for hotel check-in. The victim’s family, as well as her husband, arrived to confront the suspect. According to reports, the rider is married and expecting a child as his wife is reportedly pregnant.

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1 thought on “Viral Joyride Rider Forcing Female Passenger to Go in a Hotel Arrested”

  1. Mr Joyride rider, your lewd actions and behavior are truly condemnable. Don’t you know that you are destroying your own family, the family of your victim, and even that of JOYRIDE as a transport service platform on which you are affiliated? As you are guilty based on the herein video, i would suggest that you need to ask for forgiveness from your victim so that your legal punishment/s or penalty/ies will be lessened…and you need to repent and turn to GOD for guidance. Pray that you and your victim and other parties may be blessed despite such a negative situation.


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