Lady Teacher Shares Inspiring Story & Former Job ”Sumisisid ng barya sa pier”

Lady Teacher Whose Former Job “”Sumisisid ng barya sa pier” Earns Praises Online Because of her Inspiring Story

ALEX EJE ARLENE – A lady teacher has shared her inspiring story online and her former job “sumisisid ng barya sa pier”.

A Facebook user named Alex Eje Arlene has shared her inspiring story on her social media account of how she strived just to finish her education. Her story earned praises and admiration from the online community.

Arlene has shared a short video clip revealing her inspiring story and how God helped her to achieve her dreams. She strive hard and did her best to finish her college and eventually earned her Master’s degree.

Lady Teacher

Teacher Arlene is diving deep into the ocean to find coins underneath the port just to earn money. At the age of 22, she achieved her goal in life but continue to strive and dream for greater things.

In the TikTok video, the educator congratulate herself for holding on and trusting the process. After her achievements, Arlene remained humble and did not forget where she came from. “Congrats self! Buti di ka bumitaw kahit marami ang hindi naniwala,” Arlene wrote.

Currently, the young woman is working as teacher for IPED or Indigenous Peoples Education in their village.

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Lady Teacher Lady Teacher

The video has a caption of:

Dear Self,

Just want you to know that I kept on believing in you,so please dont ever give up”

The social media users lauded the female educator for her achievements:

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