Message Of El Filibusterismo – Themes & Purpose Of The Novel

What Is The Message Of Jose Rizal’s El Filibusterismo? (Answers)

EL FILIBUSTERISMO – The key message that we can get from Dr. Jose Rizal’s novel, El Filibusterismo perfectly encapsulates our current society.

In this article, we are going to talk about how the themes in the novel inspired millions to fight for their country. Furthermore, we are going to go through the purpose of why Rizal wrote the novel in the first place.

Message Of El Filibusterismo – Themes & Purpose Of The Novel

Here are some examples of the main focus of Rizal’s novels:

Fighting for Freedom – El Filibusterismo inspired the Filipino people to fight for their freedom against the oppressive and abusive Spaniards.

Presence of Corrupt Government – Rizal’s novel accurately depicted the self-serving gov’t officials in the form of Friars. In the novel, we could see how those in power abuse their position to get favors and to satisfy their lust.

Importance of Education – In El Filibusterismo, officials tried to preserve a monopoly for education. This meant that not everybody had an equal opportunity to better themselves through knowledge. Rizal showed that those in power would rather rule over the uneducated.

In summary, Rizal’s message that he conveyed through El Filibusterismo is simple – he wanted Filipinos to have better lives. As such, Rizal wrote El Filibusterismo to show his countrymen that proper education and decent living for all are achievable.

However, he emphasized that in order to get the freedom he idealized, we all need to come together as a country and fight the injustices in our society.

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