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How Do You Translate “Paraluman” To English? (English To Tagalog)

PARALUMAN – In this article, we are going to teach you how to translate the Tagalog word “paraluman” into English based on context.

The word “Paraluman” is popular in the Philippines. Thanks to bands such as “Eraserheards”, the word was immortalized in the minds of millions of Filipinos.

“Kamukha mo si Paraluman”. The starting lyrics of Eraserhead’s most iconic song are as well-known as the country’s national anthem. But, what does it exactly mean?

Paraluman In English – Tagalog To English Translations

In the song itself, Paraluman is a name of a person, as such. Translated in English, the starting lyric would become “You looked like Paraluman”. However, the word “Paraluman” can be translated as “Muse” in English.

In Fact, during the early 19th century, the word has become a favorite for Filipino poets. Additionally, the archaic Tagalog word for “magnetic needle” is also Paraluman. But, the meaning of that word in this context is no longer used.

Here are some example sentences translated from Tagalog to English:

  • She will always be my muse and the love of my life.
  • I would do anything for my muse.
  • That girl is my inspiration, my muse, my life.

In Tagalog, these sentences can be translated as:

  • Ang babaeng iyan ay ang aking paraluman, ang mahal ko sa buhay.
  • Gagawin ko ang lahat para sa aking paraluman.
  • Ang babaeng iyan ay aking inspirasyon, ang aking paraluman, ang aking buhay.

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