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Writing Light Novels Gets Civil Servant Suspended For 6 Month

CIVIL SERVANT SUSPENDED – Apparently, the price of writing light novels is a 6-month suspension, when you work in Japan.

Japan has always been known for its incredible work ethic. As such, when it comes to efficiency and dedication to work, the Japanese are highly regarded. But, this causes some strict compliance issues, especially when you’re working for the government.

Recently, a 28-year-old man who was working as a prestigious civil servant was given a 6-month suspension due to writing light novels. According to a report, the man wrote a total of 4 light novels and earned around 3.2 million yen or ($28,000) for his work.

Civil Servant Suspended For 6 Months For Writing Light Novels In Japan

However, the government received an anonymous top that one of their civil servants was having a part-time job as a writer. Supposedly, the Local Public Service act forbids civil service workers from getting part-time jobs.

But, among the few exceptions to this rule was writing jobs. Unfortunately, the issue with the man didn’t stem from his sideline as a writer. According to an article from CrunchyRoll, the man took a sick leave from his full-time job as a Civil Servant.

During that period, he was paid to help him stay at home and recover. Sadly, the law states that he can’t take up any other form of work while on sick leave to focus on his recovery.

As such, the government of Hiratsuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture suspended him for 6 months without pay. However, instead of taking the punishment, he simply quit his job instead.

As per the article, the man didn’t only write for light novels, he also had written 256 stories on a net novel site and promoted his work on Twitter and other platforms around 10,000 times. Meanwhile, Hiratsuka City even apologized for the man’s actions in what they called an “extremely regrettable situation”.

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