Aljur Abrenica: What Triggered The Actor To Speak Against Kylie Padilla?

A source of Ogie Diaz said these things about Aljur Abrenica

What triggered actor Aljur Abrenica to break his silence on the issue surrounding his split up with his estranged wife actress Kylie Padilla?

After several months since the breakup of Aljur and Kylie was confirmed, the actor remained silent until October 19. On Tuesday, he posted on his Facebook account challenging Kylie to “speak the truth”.

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He also claimed that his estranged wife was the one who cheated first and not him. This received various reactions online and the issue became a trending topic again on social media platforms.

Many netizens believed what Aljur Abrenica said while there were those who defended Kylie Padilla against the accusation from her estranged husband. Following the viral post of the actor, Alyssa Alvarez, the mother of newbie actress AJ Raval, the woman being pursued by Aljur now, shared her reaction. Alyssa called Aljur her “anak” and said that he told her the truth from the start.

With this resurfacing issue between Kylie and Aljur, many netizens and showbiz fans asked why the actor spoke now after being silent for several months.

In the recent Showbiz Update vlog of Ogie Diaz, he mentioned that he talked to someone who said that Aljur has received too much bashing, especially that his blooming romance with AJ was publicized already.

Siguro, sabi ng friend ko, nasasaktan si Aljur dahil nakikita niyang nasasaktan si AJ na wala namang kinalaman to begin with dun sa kanilang split up ni Kylie,” Ogie added.

Previously, Kylie Padilla expressed in a statement that there was no issue when Aljur Abrenica is now being linked to AJ Raval because they already agreed that they can both date anyone they like. Kylie also clarified that AJ was not the reason why she and Aljur broke up.

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