Mayor Isko Moreno Defends Giving P10,000 Cash Aid To Families Hit by Fire

Mayor Isko Moreno Gives Cash Aid to Fire Victims

MAYOR ISKO MORENO – The Manila City Mayor defended his act of giving P10,000.00 to each family who are victims of fire.

One of the most tragic event that can lead to the loss of lives and damages in structures is fire. It can leave a person with no family, no house to live, and no source of income in just a little time. It can be caused by several factors and one must be responsible to prevent it as it can happen at any time of the day.

In the Philippines, there are some incidents of fire every day. There are private individuals apart from the local government units that act to help the victims after a tragic incident get back to life. In Manila, according to Mayor Isko Moreno, the system changed after he assumed office in 2019.

Mayor Isko Moreno
Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Mayor Isko Moreno recently gave out P10,000.00 cash aid to each family who are victims of fire. According to him, the Manila local government used to give canned goods and rice to the fire victims but it changed starting year 2019 under his administration.

The Manila City Mayor stressed that if dogs find for shelter when there is rain, how much more the people. According to the report, the cash aid given to the fire victims is different from the food boxes as it is intended so that the victims can buy materials to build a shelter.

Mayor Isko Moreno expressed that the cash aid can help the victims buy coco lumber and other materials right away. He stressed that it is part of the plan and program of the local government. The capital city’s Mayor denied the allegations that he is giving money to voters ahead of the Election 2022.

According to the Manila Mayor, if ever he wins president in the next election, he would review the national budget and the cash aid program for fire victims may be implemented nationwide if it allows. He stressed that the victims deserve “such kind of assistance”.

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