Isko Moreno Emotional After SoKor News Calls Him “Adult Star”

Isko Moreno Emotional After SoKor News Outlet Tags Him As “Adult Star”

ISKO MORENO – Manila Mayor and Presidential aspirant, Isko Moreno was left emotional after a South Korean news outlet called him an “adult star”.

Recently, the South Korean news outlet, Financial News (FNNews) did an article about the Philippine elections. In the article, they highlighted how a “son of a dictator, boxing champion, and adult star” were the top candidates for the presidency.

However, this left a foul taste in the Manila Mayor’s tongue. As such, Isko took a swipe at people who are “moralist” and “disente”. According to an article from Inquirer, he said:

Hindi niyo malalamon mga masasakit na sinabi sa akin. Kahapon lang tinawag akong adult star“.

Isko Moreno Emotional After SoKor News Calls Him "Adult Star"

On the verge of tears, Moreno, during a speech in Batangas said that his past was a way for him to rise up from poverty. “Para bang pag mahirap ka, wala ka nang karapatan umangat. Dahil hindi ka katanggap-tanggap sa kanila na mga moralista, mga disente. Disente kuno“, he added.

When Isko was an actor, he played mostly sexy roles. As such, this was used against him, especially by political opponents. Previously, President Rodrigo Duterte mocked an unnamed Mayor who had bikini photos and called him a “call boy”.

Although no names were dropped, Isko was the only Mayor that had a history of playing sexy roles, despite the number of actors and entertainers in Philippine politics.

Meanwhile, netizens said that Isko has already shown that he cannot handle the pressure of slander, backlash, or criticism. A netizen from social media platform, Reddit said:

Does he think that everyone is gonna gently stroke his hair and whisper “you are valid” to him if he becomes president?

Leni received death threats and rape threats towards her family and she wasn’t this much of a “coward”.

On the other hand, another netizen said that Isko may be trying to get sympathy from poor people. “Lagi niyang sinasabi especially sa ads niya na galing siya sa hirap. At kesyo mahirap daw ba wala ng karapatang umasenso.”

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