Bianca Gonzalez Air Dismay to Foul-Mouthed People On Social Media

Bianca Gonzalez Expresses Reaction Towards Foul-Mouthed People on Social Media

BIANCA GONZALEZ – TV host expresses her reaction towards the people on social media who are foul-mouthed that throws filthy words online.

On Twitter, the TV personality expresses concern about people who use social media to swear and make derogatory remarks. Many internet users are already prone to making disparaging remarks on social media.

Bianca Gonzales Foul-Mouthed People

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She went on to say that this is even more unsettling because the commenter’s profile reveals that he or she is a parent. Aside from that, their account’s bio includes an encouraging bible scripture.

It’s disturbing that it’s “normal” for some people to comment on “b0b0” or “tan*@” or “g@**” and especially when you check their profile and he’s a parent of small children or something. the bio has a bible verse,” she wrote on her Twitter post.

Many others agreed with the post of Bianca, and few netizens even provided personal stories. Some have also claimed that it has become a habit for many, particularly in today’s time, where there is a divide between those who support the upcoming elections and those who do not.

People are now going to great lengths to show support for their political pick for the 2022 election on the internet. However, some people go too far, and they are willing to use filthy language towards their political opponents’ supporters, and a lot of swearing may be used only to defend his or her candidate.

Many people hoped that this would not happen because they all desire a bright and lovely future for future generations. According to netizens, it will not be realized if Filipinos continue to behave in this manner.

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