One-Eyed Teacher Jelly Rojas Serves as Inspiration to Her Students

Teacher Jelly Rojas serves as an inspiration to her students and netizens for being strong after the removal of her right eye due to tumor.

The life story of Teacher Jelly Rojas touched the hearts of the online community for being strong and courageous in facing the challenges of life. She remains strong after the removal of her right eye.

The school teacher is already happy and content with her life until she was diagnosed with “Meningioma” in 2019. The woman has a tumor at the back of her right eye and the doctor suggest to remove it to avoid further complication.

Teacher Jelly Rojas

Rojas find it difficult to decide and experienced extreme emotional stress due to her condition. She decided to agree with the doctor’s recommendation and surrendered her right eye last September 2019.

However, she experienced another problem while recuperating from the surgery. Another malignant tumor has been found and the doctor suggest to remove it immediately before it turns into cancer.

Unfortunate, Teacher Jelly had no enough amount of cash to finance her operation. Luckily, a lot of netizens and doctors donated some amount for the educator’s operation via Gcash and other money transfer systems.

Teacher Jelly Rojas

In November 2020, the tumor from Jelly’s right eye has been removed and eventually returned to her teaching job. The incident served as a lesson and it only makes her stronger to face the upcoming challenges.

“Ito na po ang itsura ko ngayon, wala na po si right eye pero ang aral na natutunan ko is kailangan natin tanggapin, yakapin ‘yung mga problema na ibinibigay sa atin ng Panginoon,” the teacher said.

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