Couple Shares The Friend’s Drunken Promise that Fulfills Their Dream House

A couple took Facebook to share the drunken promise of their friend who allegedly help them to achieve their dream house.

Celyn Ramos, a Facebook user, revealed that she has given up hope of ever acquiring her dream home because her bank loan is always stopped because she is still paying for a car. The housing company, she claims, does not allow “Pag-ibig” financing terms for the unit they want.

Drunken Promise Dream House

She said they were not still married with her partner at that time to make him her co-maker. She claimed that they applied to all banks for the aforementioned housing loan, but that they were either denied or the amount requested was not authorized.

“Wala kase sila Pag-ibig for this unit. That time, I was not married yet to my husband so I can’t make him as my co-maker. All the banks I applied, either declined or di enough ung approved amount. In house loan has high interest rate so definitely not an option for me,” said Ramos.

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When a friend inquired about the status of their house, she allegedly stated that she no longer anticipated to obtain it. However, their friend got drunk during the inuman session and pledged to pay for their dream house in full.

“On our wedding day (2 months ago), our friend asked us the status of our house, I told him we are no longer hoping we can keep the house… Then he got drunk… Like really drunk… And he said, give me few days and i will give you a cheque worth the price of the house so you can pay in cash,” Ramos shared.

She initially said she didn’t believe her friend’s commitment since she was possibly inebriated. But a few days later, her pal showed up and handed her an effin check for the entire payment of their house.

She stated that her friend’s entire payment is a loan, but at the lowest feasible interest rate that neither a bank nor an in-house load can match. Ramos is grateful to her buddy for making their dream home a reality.

“Few days after, we met again. He gave us a checque… An effin cheque to pay our house in full. Of course as a loan, but with the lowest interest (1%) possible that even a bank, pag-ibig or inhouse loan cannot offer. And now, here we are. With our own house. Thanks to our Guardian Angel, our fairy Godfather, our friend,” Ramos happily shared on Facebook.

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