Valenzuela Cop Who Shot Child with Autism in Tupada Raid Dismissed

Valenzuela Cop Found Guilty, Dismissed for Shooting Child with Autism on Tupada Raid

The Philippine National Police (PNP) announced that the cop accused of shooting a child with autism during “tupada” raid in Valenzuela City was found guilty and dismissed.

General Guillermo Eleazar, the head of the Philippine National Police, ordered the firing of Valenzuela police officers accused of killing a crippled youngster in May. Police Senior Master Sergeant Christopher Salcedo was named as the suspect.

Valenzuela Cop Dismissed

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After a review done by the Office of the Chief PNP and the Discipline, Law and Order Division-Directorate for Personnel and Records Management, Eleazar ordered Salcedo’s removal for gross misbehavior and less serious irregularities in the performance of duty (DLOD-DPRM). Salcedo is responsible for the death of 18-year-old Erwin Arnigo.

The incident occurred as Valenzuela cops were enforcing an anti-illegal gambling operation against a tupada (illegal cockfighting event). Arnigo should not have been arrested by Valenzuela City police, notably Salcedo, according to Eleazar, because the teen had nothing to do with the current lambing.

Arnigo, who was killed, had autistic spectrum disorder when he was alive. Arnigo allegedly took the gun of one of the officers involved in the raid, resulting in a battle that culminated with the victim being shot and killed by a gunshot, according to a previous police report.

On the other hand, Arnigo’s mother believes that her son’s body is too small to struggle and seize a gun with the huge cop. Many residents in the area claim to have seen Arnigo being shot in the side by police as they approached. Arnigo was allegedly apprehended and escorted to the tupada’s location by cops.

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