Jake Cuenca Car Chase: Kylie Verzosa urged by netizens to reprimand BF

Kylie Verzosa received these comments about Jake Cuenca

Netizens urged beauty queen-turned-actress Kylie Vezosa to reprimand her boyfriend actor Jake Cuenca regarding the car chase issue.

Jake was entangled in a controversy just recently. Based on reports, the actor was chased after his SUV allegedly hit a police car. During the chase, the policeman tried to stop Jake’s SUV by shooting the wheel. Unfortunately, a Grab driver was hit by the stray bullet.

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A recent report stated that the policemen who was involved in the car chase were relieved from post. This incident garnered various reactions on social media. There were those who defended Jake Cuenca but there were also who criticized him for what happened.

Based on the article in Manila Bulletin, Kylie Verzosa also received comments regarding this issue. In her recent social media posts, several netizens urged her to reprimand her boyfriend.

These were some of the comments on Kylie’s post:  

“Pagsabihan mo jowa mo hindi yung puro porma lang alam.”
“Anyari sa jowa mo teh.”
“How is Jake now!?!?!

📷: via MB

The actor also received a bunch of negative comments on his social media account. There were those who blamed him for what happened to the Grab driver who was accidentally shot because he did not stop his car.

Some netizens also criticized him for allegedly using money in order not to face charges. “Pag may violation or wala kung pinapahinto ng authority give respect and follow them para po wala na madamay pa.. mapera naman kayo na kayang bayaran ano man violation nyo.. kawawang driver nadamay sa spoilled rich and famous na ayaw sumunod,” a netizen commented.

Based on the report, PNP chief General Guillermo Eleazar said that the actor will be held responsible for fleeing after bumping a police vehicle. Jake Cuenca is facing charges of disobedience and reckless imprudence.

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