War Can Happen “At Any Time,” Says China Due To Tensions With Taiwan

China Says Tensions Rising With Taiwan Could Cause War To Happen “At Any Time”

CHINA VS TAIWAN – In four decades of tensions between China and Taiwan, the latter revealed war could happen “at any time”.

Recently, Taiwan reported over 150 Chinese warplanes entering its air defense zone. According to reports, this started on October 1st and lasted four days.

Because of this, Tapei called out Beijing and said this was a prime example of China’s continued harassment. Meanwhile, China’s state-run newspaper, The Global Times, published that Taiwan’s “peaceful atmosphere” transformed into a “sense of urgency”.

War Can Happen "At Any Time," Says China Due To Tensions With Taiwan

Furthermore, it stated that “war may be triggered at any time”. Additionally, the publication said that China was prepared to back an “all-out war” with the U.S., which supports Taiwan.

More concerningly, China said that Taiwan’s continued relationship with the U.S. was akin to “playing with fire”. Due to this, Beijing gave Taiwan a “severe warning”.

Based on an article from Ladbible, the Global Times stated:

The strategic collusion between the U.S and Japan and the DPP authorities is becoming more audacious, and the situation across the Taiwan Straits has almost lost any room for manoeuvre teetering on the edge of a face-off, creating a sense of urgency that the war may be triggered at any time.

For many decades, Taiwan has fought for independence from China and believes itself to be an independent country. Meanwhile, China says Taiwan should be taken by force if it refuses to comply.

Still, Taiwan has continued its fight and said that it would defend freedom and democracy even with China causing tension. Recently, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen promised to “do whatever it takes” to protect Taiwan versus a Chinese invasion.

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