Man Went Amok for Being Uninvited to Birthday Party of “Fraternity Brod”

Uninvited Man Went Amok in the Birthday Party of His Brod in Fraternity

UNINVITED BROD – A man went amok in the house of his fraternity friend after allegedly not being invited to the birthday party.

In the cellphone video taken past 11:00 pm, the man can be seen furiously rushing to a house in San Isidro st. Caloocan. Later, he struck a man lying in the area, based on the video.

Uninvited Fraternity Brod

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After few minutes, one of the occupants of the house rushed to confront the raging man. The man backed away and left for a moment. However, the man came back and the gunshots could be heard.

The man came back with a gun and shot the people in the house. One of the survivors was Louie Aradanas who was allegedly shot at close range but it seems that the man did not know how to use a gun so he hit the wall.

The man allegedly got angry when he was not invited to the birthday party of his brods in the “Tau Gamma” fraternity. The suspect was allegedly insulted when he was not recognized as a senior member of the fraternity of the guests at the birthday party.

The victims said it was a good thing that no one was hit until the suspect ran out of ammunition. The suspect allegedly fled after the incident. His relatives tried to negotiate with the victims but the mother did not agree.

According to the barangay chairman, the two families used to have a quarrel. Aradanas’ family has already filed a case of frustrated murder. The reporting crew attempted to take the suspect’s side, but he was no longer staying there in their house.

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