Marco Gallo On Kuya Kim’s Comment on his Message to Kisses: ‘Can’t people relax for a little bit’

Marco Gallo fired back at Kim Atienza

Actor Marco Gallo has this reaction to the comment of TV host Kuya Kim Atienza on his message to his former love team partner Kisses Delavin.

As Kisses is one of the candidates in the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 pageant, Marco was asked to give his message to the actress. In a recent media conference, the actor said that he was surprised that Kisses is now pursuing her dream to become a beauty queen.

kisses delavin
Photo from Instagram/ Kisses Delavin

He also said that Kisses should post about her life on social media more frequently as many of her posts are just her shampoo and toothpaste endorsements. This message of the actor received a comment from Kim Atienza. The TV host said that Kisses does not need to post everything about her life and that Marco should be happy that his former love team has endorsement projects.

In line with that comment of the TV host, PEP entertainment columnist Gorgy Rula said that during a recent episode of their DZRH radio program, Marco Gallo was asked about this matter,

The actor stressed that he never meant that he is unhappy for Kisses. He said that his message came from the fact that they are friends. “I was just saying, it would be interesting… you know, you look at your old school friends and you catch up what’s going on with their lives, that’s all I meant,” Marco explained.

Kuya Kim Atienza

He added that he thinks Kuya Kim saw it in a different way. “I just realized, in this industry, whatever you say, everyone has always something to say about it. And I know, I didn’t mean it that way,” the actor said.

Marco Gallo once again stressed that he is happy for whatever Kisses Delavin is achieving right now. “And, second, can’t people relax for a little bit… like, honestly? Can’t just people have a laugh? Can’t just people smile a little bit more and relax, and get off of my shoulder, ‘coz I don’t care,” he added.

The actor also said that the comment of the Kuya Kim was not needed and that he gets his point. However, Marco said that the TV host should also get his point.

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