Man Assaults Nurse For Vaccinating Wife Without His Consent

Man Assaults Nurse After Vaccinating Wife Without His Permission

MAN ASSAULTS NURSE – A nurse was punched several times in the face after vaccinating a Canadian man’s wife.

Police are now searching for a man who reportedly assaulted a female medical worker in southern Quebec. Reports state that the incident occurred around 9:15 a.m.

At that time, the man walked into a Brunet Pharmacy in Sherbrooke. Afterward, he accused a nurse who was in her 40s of vaccinating his wife. From the beginning, the police said that the man was already furious as he got it.

Man Assaults Nurse For Vaccinating Wife Without His Consent

After shouting loudly at the nurse for vaccinating his wife without his const, the man punched the nurse causing her to fall to the ground. Following this, the man flew the scene.

The nurse was rushed to a nearby hospital after suffering multiple injuries to her face. Meanwhile, the pharmacy released a public statement that they do not condemn this act. But, following the incident, the pharmacy had to cancel vaccination schedules.

Currently, there are no laws in Canada that keep requiring people to get permission from their spouse to get a vaccine. Unfortunately, police said they had no access to a name, photo, or security footage of the incident.

Based on an article from CNN, the man was roughly 30-45 years old, 6 ft tall, had a medium build and had darker skin, short brown hair, and a tattoo on his hand seemingly in the shape of the cross.

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