Here’s the shoe collection of Heart Evangelista and the stories behind it.

HEART EVANGELISTA – Virtually, Heart Evangelista shares to her viewers her vast collection of shoes and the classic stories behind the pairs.

The fashion philosophy of Heart Evangelista is something that many people admired – classic, elegant, never goes of style, can last forever, and practical. She is practical, in a way that she always buys the shoes regardless of the brand or price. She always goes after the quality, the comfort, and the usability of the pair for her.

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Heart’s one investment is in her fashion and apart from bags, coats, pieces of jewelry, and dresses, she also invests in shoes. She’s a huge shoe lover, especially high-heeled shoes, and she makes sure that a pair is something she can mix and match with anything. She is more into the shades of nudes and she has particular pairs meant for specific occasions. But for most of the time, she spends on pairs that she is sure she will be using over and over again.

She has several pairs of Christian Louboutin, a handful of Manolo Blahnik, several pairs from foreign brands, Dolce and Gabbana, Casadei, transparent pairs from various brands, platform heels, and others. Also, whenever she travels, she makes sure to buy a couple of pairs from the country she went to. She also makes sure to buy every color of a single design, especially the ones she can wear on a daily basis, so it would be easy for her to find a match for her outfit.

Apart from the heels, she also has her sneakers collection and her boots. She also shared a story about this Filipino designer who badmouthed her and said something bad behind her back about her for wearing the same pair over and over again. She was a bit annoyed telling this story because for her, “fashion is all about having key pieces that will last you forever that you could still use and mix with new and old.” 

“Fashion isn’t really about who has the pieces from the latest season or what’s newest,” Heart said confidently. She then added, “I really don’t believe in that. I think it’s so nouveau riche. Fashion is made for a lifetime. It’s not just for the season. So when people tell you that ‘luma na yan,’ forget it. To hell with what they say. It’s about how you feel.”

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And here are some comments from the post:

Heart casually talking about her friendship with Christian Louboutin like its an ordinary thing and no big dealll but gurlll he’s FREAKING CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN huhu goals 😭

It’s so beautiful to see how Heart talks about her shoes. You can tell she really loves shoes and enjoys buying them, it’s not about the brand name or trends.

I laugh every time Heart says, “It’s very comfy!” because those shoes look like a weapon to my eye. 😅

I died of laughter and awe when she was imitating Rufa Mae Quinto 😂🤍 that was gold. Both beautiful with a sense of humour. 🤗


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