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Heart Evangelista Shares The Dark Beginnings Of Her Love For Shoes

Heart Evangelista Shares The Dark Beginnings Of Her Love For Shoes

How did Heart Evangelista start her shoe collection?

Kapuso Queen of Creative Collaborations Heart Evangelista shared the dark beginnings of her love for shoes in her recent YouTube vlog.

Aside from being a popular actress in the Philippines, Heart has also become a style icon who became an inspiration to many fashion enthusiasts. In her recent vlog, she specifically featured her shoe collection and it is a huge one.

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Before sharing memorable stories about the most memorable pairs that she has, she revealed the story of how her love for shoes started. The actress said that it begin when she was just a little girl. She remembered that when she was four or five years old, she loves wearing the turquoise Escada strappy shoes of her mom. One time, her mom was not home and so she wore the shoes and when she tried to walk down the stairs she fell.

The young Heart Evangelista rolled down the stairs and hit a glass table and he hit her head. She gestured pointing to her eyelid area and said that explains why she has a slice on that part of her face.

Because of that accident, she had seven stitches and her mom went frantic because of how big the wound was. “So I was rushed to the emergency room and I was crying and my mom told me it was a nightmare,” the actress shared. It is because the whole cotton ball can fit inside her wound as the doctor was making sure there were no glass pieces inside.

As she was still young at that time, she was screaming really loud and medical people had to put a straightjacket on her. “So that’s how it began, my very dark beginnings with my love for shoes,” she said.

Even back then, Heart Evangelista admitted that she was aware of her height and she already tried remedies for this but nothing worked and so she opted for high heels.

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