“Pinupuri Niyo Dati Ang Red Cross”, Gordon Reminds Duque

Gordon To Duque “Pinupuri Niyo Dati Ang Red Cross”

DUQUE VS GORDON – During the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing, Senator Richard “Dick Gordon” reminded Health Chief Duque “Pinupuri niyo dati ang Red Cross”

In President Duterte’s latest public address, he tasked the Department of Health to probe the alleged false positive COVID-19 test results from the Philippine Red Cross. Based on an article from Inquirer, Duterte said:

The problem here, Dick, is what happens to those people who accepted that your RT-PCR test on them is positive when all along they are negative because they have no money and were just following [the results]. They had to endure confinement of two weeks when all along they really tested negative

"Pinupuri Niyo Dati Ang Red Cross", Gordon Reminds Duque

As a response to this, Gordon, who chairs the PRC, asked Duque why the DOH is allowing themselves to be used by Duterte. During the blue ribbon committee hearing, Gordon said:

Marami kayong sulat sa akin na pinupuri niyo ang Red Cross. Bakit ngayon, pumapayag kayong magpagamit ngayon dito sa ating Presidente?

Furthermore, the Senator also highlighted how the PRC had conducted the highest number of COVID-19 tests second to the government. Responding to this, Duque said that he recognized the efforts done by the PRC amid the pandemic.

President Duterte’s tirades against Gordon began amid the Senate’s investigations against Pharmally. According to lawmakers, there were alleged anomalies involved in the government’s deal with the pharma firm for medical supplies.

Moreover, the investigation involved Michael Yang, a former adviser for President Duterte. However, Duterte stressed that he does not care what happens to Pharmally as their business had already concluded.

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