Jelai Andres “Barang” Short Film Trending On Youtube

Here’s the trending “Barang” short film of Jelai Andres and the reactions of the netizens to it.

JELAI ANDRES – Famous actress and vlogger, Jelai Andres releases her channel’s first short film and it’s an absolute success.

“Barang” in the Philippines involves witches who are using dark magic and any other related practices. In the movies, they are always predicted as antagonists and always portrayed as hideous and horrible beings. They are feared because they are known to be vengeful using their ability to inflict pain or even death to people who did something bad to them.

And in the recent vlog of Jelai Andres, she tackled this topic through a short film. This is her first-ever short film and as of this writing, it’s on the 5th spot of the trending list on Youtube. It has earned over 1.5 million views already and it showed that Jelai, apart from comedy, can also slay doing drama and horror. The short film also features vlogger Jai Asuncion and Zeus Collins.

The story goes around the story of Mona, the mambabarang, Victor, the man he loves, and Gigi, his girlfriend. Mona comes with a vengeance to them after Gigi insulted her. He also lured Victor to make him reciprocate her feelings for him. There’s still another episode to watch out for because it ended in the part where Victor has already discovered that she is a witch,

See the short film below:

And here are some of the comments of the netizens:

Grabe!! Hindi ito dapat nasa Youtube lang pang TV to!!! Galing nyo lahat!!

She proves everyone na hindi lang siya for comedy but all in one❤

We Can’t deny it. Sobrang galing nila mag act SANA ALL!

Ang galing 👏👏 kudos Kay Kai , Zeus at Jelay at SA lahat Ng crew 👏👏❤️


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