Man Unboxing Remains of Brother in Cemetery Elicit Reactions Online

Man Goes Viral After Unboxing Remains of Brother on Cemetery for Its Birthday

The online community has expressed various reactions towards the man for unboxing the remains of his brother in the cemetery for his birthday.

Unboxing has become popular content among vloggers and techy influencers on social media. Unboxing is the process of unpacking products, particularly high-tech consumer goods, on camera and uploading it to the internet.

The item is then thoroughly explained, and it is occasionally shown as well. Some unboxing videos show strange objects being unboxed on the internet, but one man in the Philippines has particularly unusual unboxing content.

A man uploads an unboxing video to YouTube for internet users to see. However, the items he unboxed are not typical unboxing content popular among social media users.

Man Unboxing Remains

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The man unboxed his brother, Tirso de Leon, burial remains in the cemetery in the video. He displays some bones from his brother’s rotting body, which he claims to have died 9 years ago.

He also flexes the clothes his brother wore when he was buried after death, in addition to the bones. It was also his brother’s birthday, according to the man who unboxed the remains.

He removes his older brother from the tomb because one of his relatives who died at the same time would be buried in the same tomb, according to him. Aside from his elder brother, he also presents a fetus in a plastic jar, which he claims is his older brother’s child who was unintentionally aborted.

Meanwhile, the video has gone viral, eliciting a wide range of responses from the internet community. Netizens have expressed sympathy for the young man, while others have cringed as they watched his unboxing video.

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